Sunday, July 10, 2011


This are few picture from the activities that we are doing. Sorry for the bad quality of picture. Plus, there were only 3 of us due to the time constraint and exams. To all IUMP student we wish you the best in your exam and may you join us in future!!!

some of the scenery from the location

 Mr. Saiful Azreen

Mr. Bukhari

last but not the least...its me!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Intro: The Manta Rays Club (TMRC)

On the 15th May 2011, under a warm sunny-blue sky, surrounded by a peaceful atmosphere, and overlooking incredibly blue ocean, two Alexandria International Undergraduate Medical student has dedicated their life to change the view of people towards MEDICAL student. They come out with one word 

"The Manta Ray". 

This club is referring to the largest species of the rays on earth. With a great body it swims across the tropical sea to prove that nothing can beat it even the great tidal of wave and that is the spirit that they want to build within the club members.

At The Manta Rays Club we are passionate about our swimming and diving skills. The Manta Rays Club club organised swimming and other skills all year around especially during falls to the end of summers. This club is accessible to all whom have the same passion with us. Based in Alexandria, Egypt, we usually hold a regular social events and club meetings as in by the sea meetings.

If you are looking for an introduction to Mediterranean Sea especially Alexandrian Malaysian Medical Students, to develop your skills or would simply enjoy being part of the club that can help you improve yourself, why not join us?

Further inquires can be referred to Mr. Saiful Azreen or Mr. Bukhari which is the main council of this club....see you soon!!!